The challenges to open & operate a food joint / outlet is tremendous, the biggest being total dependency on the skilled labour & high cost incurred in the operation of the outlet. We at ‘The London Shakes’ have innovated the idea of ‘Just shake It & Make It’. All the core raw material is provided by the company at the door step. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided & your product is ready to be served & enjoyed. To operate a food joint / outlet the owner has to take care of many things at the same time like:-

  • A) Arrangements Of Raw Material
  • B) Arrangements Of Skilled Labour
  • C) High Monetary Involvement
  • D) Variation In The Taste
  • E) Wastage Of The Raw Material

  • We at ‘The London Shakes’ have overcome all these hurdles. We have developed a huge range of delightful Shakes, Coffees, Mojitos, Snacks & much more is to follow.

Business Model

To open ‘The London Shakes’ outlet you need the following requirement

  • Your Passion towards serving quality food.
  • A commercial property owned, rented or leased at a prime location, admeasuring Approximate 150 + Sq. Ft. along with the basic amenities like power, water connection etc. High foot-fall areas like Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Malls, Marketplace or places near School or College or any other crowded residential area should be preferred.
  • Ability to invest 6 to 8 lakh Indian Rupees depending upon the area with the arrangement of 2-3 working staff.